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Diploma in Office Management

If getting into administration is what you aspire for, then this Diploma in Office Administration – Level 4 might just be the jumpstart that you need. This course, with its professionally narrated e-modules, will massively explore the functions and essentials of office management to help you get into the administration department of a public or private sector. Through enrolling in this course, you will also get to master skills that are crucial in managing the human, finance and other resources of an organisation.

This course seeks to help you understand the need for administrative procedure within an organisation. You will also get to effectively build on your administrative support skills such as business writing, communication, delegation, research, bookkeeping and many more, along with an understanding on how to conduct and facilitate productive meetings that might naturally fall on you.

Technology now plays a huge role in each and every organisation. From processing information to storing data, the benefits of technology in the corporate world is innumerable. Although you might not have to be a tech savy, it is vital for you to at least know how to communicate via technology to thrive within the industry. Therefore, the course curriculum will show you how to use technology to communicate, while the other modules will go on to cover topics such as teamwork, business succession plan, business ethics and many more

The course has been endorsed under the ABC Awards and Certa Awards Quality Licence Scheme. This means that Magister has undergone an external quality check to ensure that the organisation and the courses it offers, meet defined quality criteria. The Learner Unit Summary may be used as evidence towards Recognition of Prior Learning if you wish to progress your studies in this subject. To this end the learning outcomes of the course have been benchmarked at Level 4 against level descriptors published by Ofqual, to indicate the depth of study and level of demand/complexity involved in successful completion by the learner.

Office administration positions such as Office Manager, Executive PA or Company Secretary are most frequently advertised and highly sought-after jobs, providing you with the immense opportunities to work in any industry.


What are the benefits and who should take the certification


This certification program offers a good value for professionals working in the field of Administration, Human Resources, Front Office and Secretarial services. Magister offers professionals this international certification opportunity.

This training and certification course is aimed at honing the skills of officers, junior managers, as well as experienced executives. A large number of professionals in Vietnam are working in various disciplines in the organisation and in different industries. What they lack is a formal training about Office Administration and Business Management that will give them a competitive edge in their chosen field of specialisation.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the need for administrative procedure within an organisation
  • Build effective administrative support skills
  • Enhance your business writing skills to produce flawless business reports
  • Learn how to manage an facilitate organisational meetings
  • Discover how to take down meeting minutes appropriately
  • Explore how to communicate within the organisation using technology
  • Delve into topics such as teamwork, business succession plan, business ethics and many more

What Certification you will receive? 

ABC awards and Certa Awards will provide successful learners with a Certificate of Achievement and a Learner Unit Summary, which lists the units completed by the learner through this course. 

Office Administration and Management Certification Course Content

  • Need of Administrative Procedure
  • Effective Administrative Support Skills
  • How to Enhance Business Writing Skills
  • Manage Organisational Meetings
  • Taking Meeting Minutes Effectively
  • Use of Technology for Communication
  • What Is Business Succession Planning
  • Organisational Skills Development
  • Planning & Creating Teamwork
  • Good Business Ethics For The Organisation
  • Assignment
  • Submit Your Assignment

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