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Soft Skills – Negotiation Skills

Being an excellent negotiator means coming up with win/win solutions, not simply dominating the ‘competition’.

Good negotiation is a learnt skill that will give you the edge on your competitors. This course will teach attendees how to plan for success, avoid any threats and maximise performance to create agreements that reflect your company’s goals while still delivering a great result for all parties involved.

Our style of delivery is interactive, engaging and fun. We encourage participants to make the training dynamic and enjoyable for all attendees.

Key Benefits

  • New and improved negotiation skills result in an increase in business
  • A company’s results and reputation will be increased thanks to your team’s professional negotiation skills
  • Thanks to their newly learnt skills, your staff will feel less stress when handling negotiations and instead, more confident and happier
  • An improvement in relations with customers, suppliers and business partners which leads to better negotiations and outcomes for all parties
  • The more confident the attendee’s negotiating skills, the better and more efficient the outcomes. This results in saved time and reduced costs as there are less flawed deals and problems

Who Should Attend

  • Any customer service staff members who deal with customers or prospective customers
  • Purchasing managers and their team
  • Your sales team and sales support staff
  • All managers and team leaders
  • Executive staff
  • Assistants and account executives


What Certification am I going to receive?

Those who successfully pass this course will be awarded a Soft Skills Level 4 Certificate. Anyone eligible for certification will receive a e-certificate and printed certificate for those who registered.

Training Modules

  • Understanding what negotiation involves and why setting clear goals, where both parties feel like they have won, is important
  • Pre-planning negotiations so you can stack the odds in your favour and end with a successful result
  • Breaking negotiation into five key steps. Learning these will help you to understand how to progress through negotiations to reach your goal
  • Strategies and tactics to match different types of negotiations. Clear and effective negotiation communication to avoid misunderstandings and frustration
  • How to deal with conflict and difficult people/situations so the end result is still successful
  • The tactics and actions to avoid at all costs.
  • The often forgotten but vital step you must complete BEFORE closing the deal
  • Closing a deal professionally and with a smile on everyone’s faces
  • How to immediately implement new skills into your action plan


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