Six Sigma Green Belt training course, Six Sigma training and Certification in Hanoi

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

Six Sigma is a measure of quality that strives for perfection. A disciplined, data-driven approach, it eliminates defects in any process – from manufacturing to transactional and from product to service.

Of late, the Six Sigma Belts (certified professionals) have become the popular hire for companies around the world. Green and Black Belt training have also become the most popular training options for companies. This new found interest and popularity for Six Sigma Green & Black Belts comes from the cost efficiency of hiring and training them. Companies save a lot of money training their employees to the Green and Black Belt status and the benefits are tangible.

The importance of Six Sigma has spiralled in the last two decades and is anticipated to maintain its dominance over all other existing quality improvement techniques because it is flexible and can be altered to suit the requirements of new businesses.


Six Sigma Benefits

  • Universally applicable to all industries and help professionals to eliminate defects within any business process.
  • Decision-making in the professional world is accurate when it’s based on the six sigma process.
  • Six sigma professionals understand the most pressing issues with the organisation, how to identify new approaches in troubleshooting and resolving problems, making appropriate decisions on moving forward, and implementing changes $within the infrastructure and organisation for the best results possible.
  • Reduction of unproductive work and leveraging of talent internally to solve problems rather than outsourcing.
  • Generation of result oriented action plans that drive for change.
  • Essential for #businesses that need process improvement and change.
  • Higher productivity rate and many changes throughout the entire infrastructure of an organisation when 6 sigma training is implemented.


Certification Benefits


  • preference over other candidates
  • A minimum of 30-40% higher salary for the same position
  • Exponential growth in the career
  • Most Valuable employee for an organisation
  • Industry wide Knowledge to Better position yourself for changes during your career


  • A commitment to excellence
  • An investment in themselves
  • An investment in your employer’s interests
  • An investment in the individual’s career
  • A knowledge level of proficiency of quality principles and methods


  • A competitive advantage
  • Peer Recognition
  • Increased skills and abilities
  • Career advancement

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Course Content


Module 1

  • Six Sigma concepts and philosophy
  • Metrics: DPU, DPMO, RTY
  • Six Sigma deployment
  • Champion, Black Belt and Green Belts
  • Selecting projects

Module 2

  • Define Stage
  • Measure Stage
  • Basic Statistics: Concept of Variation, Data types, Normal, Exponential, Binomial, Poisson distributions,
  • Measures of central tendency – Mean, Median, Mode, measures of dispersion – Range, Standard deviation, Variance, Central Limit Theorem
  • Visualization techniques:  Process Mapping, Quality Function Deployment (QFD)
  • Measurement System Analysis: Types of error in measurement System, R&R for Variable measurement, R&R for Visual inspection

Module 3

  • Analysis Stage
  • Data Analysis: common and special causes of variation, Control charts, Xbar and Range Chart, individual and moving range chart, histogram, p-chart, c-chart, pareto analysis
  • Cause and effect diagram, pre-control charts and paired comparison
  • Design of experiments (DOE): Multi-Vari chart, fractional factorial designs, full factorial designs.

Module 4

  • Improve Stage
  • Process capability: CP, Cpk, Pp, Ppk
  • Advanced Statistics
  • Sampling, Estimation
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Correlation and Regression

Module 5

  • Control Stage
  • FMEA
  • Team Work

Module 6

  • Distributions
  • Statistical inference & ANOVA
  • Measurement Assurance
  • SPC
  • Process Capability
  • One-Way ANOVA

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