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Soft Skills - Time Management

Managing your to-do list can be a challenge and getting it wrong can result in many hours wasted.

Discover effective and efficient ways to balance work and personal responsibilities. Our Time Management skill training course gives attendees all the tools they need to effectively manage workloads through time management, delegation and the use of assertiveness. These tools extend to help attendees create paper, electronic, and personnel management systems.

Our style of delivery is interactive, engaging and fun. We encourage participation to make the training dynamic and enjoyable for all attendees.

The Time Management Skills course will help individuals their productivity and make the most of their time in terms of achievement. It is a thorough process that will help you improve your life. The course is internationally recognised and accredited to a training organisation and you will be issued an internationally recognised qualification following full completion of Time Management Skills course. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn proven strategies to manage your schedule and increase productivity.
  • Identify the day’s highs and lows so that you can manage your time effectively.
  • Learn how to automate tasks.
  • Use a to-do list to manage time better.
  • Learn how to balance your work and leisure.

Key Benefits

  • Staff productivity rates rise, meaning they get more done in less time and, even better, with fewer mistake
  • Better bottom line performance thanks to augmented productivity
  • More effective management and supervision thanks to key staff feeling confident and in control
  • Higher morale and staff satisfaction. This feeling also reduces costs as staff turnover is less of an issue
  • A reduction in crises means staff become more innovative and flexible

Who Should Attend

The course is aimed at individuals who are corporate professionals, those in leadership roles, entrepreneurs, business owners and freelancers all looking to become more effective at managing their time.

  • Support and front line staff within your organisation
  • Sales teams and their support staff
  • Any brand ambassadors
  • Managers and leaders of teams and groups
  • Members of executive teams
  • Assistants and account managers


What Certification you will receive?

Those who successfully pass this course will be awarded a Time Management Certificate. Anyone eligible for certification will receive a e-certificate and printed certificate for those who registered.

Training Modules


  • Planning and strategies that are the key to gaining control of your day and helping you achieve your goals
  • Tried and tested tools that save time and get results – fast!
  • Multiplying effectiveness with careful prioritisation
  • Avoiding conflict and minimising time-wasting intrusions
  • How to delegate effectively so that you and your team are more productive by avoiding duplicating work
  • Innovative methods for dealing with paperwork
  • Tips and tricks on how to manage and minimise your inbox
  • Achieving the elusive ‘work-life balance’ for long-term satisfaction and success
  • Unlocking large chunks of time and complete more tasks with Magister’s ‘Top Six’ Method
  • Making the right choice when it comes to the “Urgent versus Important” dilemma
  • Finding an extra hour in the day by identifying and eliminating time wasters
  • Reducing stress by identifying and eliminating time wasters
  • Productivity peaks and your energy cycles — identifying when you work at your best and tapping into these cycles
  • Applying your new Time Management skills into your working day


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